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Questioned Documents

Fingerprint Examination

Trace Evidence Analysis

Forensic Light Sources

Recognised as world leaders in the field of questioned document examination, our range of VSC instruments can be found in airports, border controls, government security agencies, banks and forensic laboratories worldwide.

Innovators in the field of latent fingerprint detection, our product range includes traditional methods as well as exclusive new and novel techniques.

Advanced instrumentation increases the value of forensic trace evidence by enabling examiners to compare and identify minute fragments of evidence using a range of techniques.

Crime-lite forensic light sources have pioneered the use of high intensity LED illumination for the search, detection, and examination of forensic evidence both at the crime scene and in the forensic laboratory.

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Latent Fingerprint Technology

Jointly developed by foster+freeman, the MoD Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST), and Loughborough University, RECOVER:LFT is a cutting-edge technique that uses an innovative chemical fuming process to develop fingerprints on a range of difficult surfaces including those that have been exposed to extreme heat (discharged bullet casings for example) and items that have been washed ‘clean’ in an attempt to prevent identification.

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VSC80 & VSC80i

Document Examination Workstations

Adding innovative new features to tried and trusted VSC technology, VSC80, and VSC80i workstations offer powerful new document examination facilities via a choice of input techniques:

Operated in the 'traditional' manner, via a connected PC and monitor, the VSC80 is a compact QDE workstation that offers a complete solution to the examination of questioned documents in cases of identity theft, forgery, counterfeiting and fraud.

Operated via an intelligent touchscreen interface, the VSC80i includes an innovative software interface designed to simplify and streamline the examination of travel and identity documents including passports, visas, ID cards and drivers licenses.

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IR Fluorescent fingerprint powder

FINGERPRINT DEVELOPMENT portable infrared crime scene examination FORENSIC LIGHT SOURCES


NIR-NIR fingerprint powder

Developed by researchers at Foster+Foster, fpNATURAL 2 is the first reported example of a NIR-NIR fluorescent dusting powder for the visualisation of latent fingerprints.

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Crime-lite UV/IR

Beyond Visible Imaging

A new range of Crime-lite® forensic light sources, with UV-Vis-IR camera attachment, enable crime scene and laboratory examiners to detect traces of evidence beyond the limits of human vision.

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