Recognised for innovation in the field of latent fingerprints, our product range includes advanced systems for the development of fingerprints using traditional time honoured methods alongside new and novel techniques developed exclusively by Foster + Freeman.


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Fingerprint Photography Workstations

Foster + Freeman fingerprint imaging workstations provide comprehensive facilities for the detection, capture, and enhancement of fingerprints on any surface or background to ensure that maximum detail is revealed. 

DCS5 fingerprint imaging system   


DCS 5 is a comprehensive imaging system for the detection, capture, and enhancement of almost any type of fingerprint on any surface or background to ensure that maximum detail is revealed.


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Fingermark Development System

Cutting-edge technology to develop fingerprints on a range of difficult surfaces including those that have been exposed to extreme heat (discharged bullet casings for example) and items that have been washed ‘clean’ in an attempt to prevent identification.






Unique to Foster+Freeman, this revolutionary new fingerprint development system was initially designed to reveal fingermarks on fired bullets and IED fragments.

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Fingermark Screening Tool

The first dual Long Wave Reflected-UV/Infrared imaging tool for the detection and photography of fingermarks without the need for chemical treatment; an innovation that has the potential to save hundreds of laboratory man hours.


Crime-lite MLD

Search for and mark-up fingerprints on evidence using simultaneous Longwave Reflected-UV and Infrared imaging


Evidence screening

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Fingerprint Imaging Accessory

An innovative new accessory for use with the Crime-lite Imager and DCS fingerprint Imaging systems, the Cylindrical Surface Un-wrapper (CSU) enable the forensic examiner to extract 2D images of fingerprints from a 3D cylindrical surface.


CSU Cylindrical Surface Un-wrapper

Un-wrap 2D images of fingerprints on cylindrical surfaces including pens, bullets, pipes, tubes, tools etc.



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Fingerprint Fuming Systems

Our latest and most advanced range of cyanoacrylate fuming systems designed and manufactured to guarantee reliable consistent performance.

MVC cyanoacrylate fuming chambers  MVClite portable fingerprint fuming chamber

MVC®/D Range

A range of cyanoacrylate fuming cabinets for the development of latent fingerprints.


Compact, portable chamber for the safe & controlled development of fingerprints at the crime scene

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Brochure PDF  Download VSC6000 Brochure

Brochure PDF  Download VSC6000 Brochure






Novel Fingerprint Enhancement Techniques

Foster + Freeman's continued research and development in the field of fingerprint evidence has resulted in new techniques for the enhancement of latent prints on difficult surfaces. 

Thermal Fingerprint Development  Anti-Stokes Visualisation of fingerprints


For the detection and visualization of latent fingerprints on paper using thermal development.


Crime-lite® ASV

Bench-top viewing enclosure for the safe IR stimulation of anti-Stokes fingerprint powders.

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 Brochure PDF  Download VSC6000 Brochure






Fingerprint Treatments

Developed in-house at Foster + Freeman, these exclusive treatments offer many advantages over traditional chemical processes.

IR fluorescent fingerprint dusting powder

 PolyCyano UV fingerprint stain


fpNatural® Powders

Non-toxic and safe-to-use IR fluorescent fingerprint powders.

PolyCyano UV

A one-stage chemical staining process that provides a fast effective alternative to cyanoacrylate. 


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Full Product Details


Brochure PDF  Download VSC6000 Brochure


Brochure PDF  Download VSC6000 Brochure









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