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Compact Forensic QDE Workstation 

 VSC80 for document examination








A Complete Solution to the Forensic Examination of Questioned Documents


An ideal instrument for the analysis and comparison of handwriting, signatures, photocopied and printed documents, banknotes, cheques and secure documents including passports, ID cards, driving licenses, and breeder documents, the VSC80 provides a comprehensive suite of examination facilities within a compact yet powerful workstation.


Inspect documents


Inspect HD Images of Documents
Full HD video output up to x80 magnification

detect counterfeit documents

Identify Counterfeits and Reveal Alterations
UV-Visible-Infrared illumination with integral fluorescence filters, multi-angle, spot, flood, and transmitted light sources


Authenticate all Levels of Security Feature
Specialist multi-spectral illumination, MRZ, and embedded data decoders

QDE court report

Produce Court-Ready Evidence and Reports
Full casework management including image annotation and measurements

VSC80 Compact QDE workstation


VSC80 forensic QDE workstation





Advanced Technology



System Hardware








Examine large objects

Technology that builds on 40-years experience as the industry leader


The latest instrument from foster+freeman, the VSC80 combines the experience gained during 40-years as the industry leader, with cutting-edge optics, electronics, and microprocessor technology.


Designed to meet the demands of contemporary document examination, providing functions for the 'traditional' examination of papers and inks as well as for the detection and decoding of modern security printing techniques, the VSC80 provides a complete solution to today's questioned document examiner.


Superb Image Quality

 illumination-options  versatile document examination

Superior Image-Quality

Advanced Illumination

Increased Functionality







Advanced Technology



System Hardware








Paper and Ink Examination

VSC 80 paper and ink analysis
Multi-spectral Imaging Visible Infrared
High-Magnification   x2  x8   x20 x60 x123
Print Quality Analysis  Genuine Counterfeit
Spectrometer Visible Spectra
Obliterations Visible Infrared

Secure Document Examination

UV Activated Features Visible UV 365nm
Complex Print Techniques Flood Side
Decode Embedded Data Barcodes Letterscreen
Contemporary Security Features Visible Zoom


Advanced Technology



System Hardware






System Specification

For full specification please contact foster+freeman



  • High sensitivity vis-IR sensitive camera with zoom lens
  • Full HD live video output
  • 13x camera filter module


Visible-IR LED Illumination

  • Incident (Flood) Vis and IR LEDs
  • 21x multi-angled LED array
  • Twin Vis and IR side LEDs

Transmitted Illumination

  • Removeable LED module with UV-A, Vis, and IR light sources

Specialist Illumination

  • Incident UV-A, UV-B, UV-C
  • 10x LED spotlight
  • Coaxial light source
  • IR anti-Stokes


  • PC running VSC Suite software
  • Choice of monitor size

Removeable light base




Advanced Technology



System Hardware






System Accessories

eReader 1A

eReader 1A


Optional Software Accessories

A reference database showing the security features in Passports, ID cards and Driving Licences from 197 countries, comprising images and data.

  • Contains information on the security features of over 1,100 security documents
  • Information and full-colour images of over 10,000 pages of security documents
  • Archive edition and annual updates subscription available


A reference database showing the security features found on banknotes from over 180 countries, comprising images and data.

  • Contains information and full-colour images of over 4,500 banknotes
  • Archive edition and annual updates subscription available


A software plug-in to display embedded invisible information on passports and ID cards

  • Uses Scrambled Indicia Technology supplied under license from Graphic Security System Corp (GSSC), USA


LetterScreen++ verification by special algorithm based on personal data in MRZ

  • Machine Readable LetterScreen++ Technology is supplied under license from Jura, Hungary


Optional Hardware Accessories

Examine documents in microscopic detail using a compact video microscope.

  • 3x optical zoom c-mount microscope provides magnification up to x249 on the standard 24" monitor
  • Supplied with 5MP USB 3.0 CMOS camera


An optional accessory, the VSC80 Spectrometer Module captures absorption, reflectance, fluorescence, and transmitted spectra in real time with results being displayed on-screen in a simple graphical format enabling the examiner to identify differences in ink and paper formulations.

  • Portable Video Microscope and 5MP camera connected to an external fiber-coupled spectrometer.
  • Spectrometer wavelength range of 400-850nm with 5nm resolution
  • Circular spectrometer sampling area diameter of 67-200 microns, depending on magnification


A choice of two optional ePassport readers:

ePassport Reader 1A

  • High-performance flatbed MRTD reader with contact/contactless capability

ePassport Reader 3

  • Compact RFID and CARD reader with CCID and keyboard wedge interface


Provides an additional input to the VSC80

  • 5MP USB3.0 C-Mount camera


Travel case with retractable handle and wheels


12V inverter to provide 120W AC mains voltage


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Advanced Technology



System Hardware