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Crime-lite Imager Hardware


High Sensitivity Camera

  • 5-megapixel monochrome camera
  • 35mm wide angle lens (other lens options available)
  • Integral second camera (provides contextual images)


High-Intensity Illumination

  • Crime-lite 8x4MK2 multi-wavelength light source
  • 32 high-efficiency LEDs, up to 98 color combinations
  • Vis/IR illumination provided by 4 x 20W halogen lamp capsules


Long-Pass Camera Filters

400nm, 455nm, 495nm,

530nm, 550nm, 570nm, 590nm,

610nm, 630nm, 645nm, 665nm, 695nm,

715nm, 780nm, 850nm


Short-pass Camera Filters

7520nm, 660nm, 610nm, and 550nm

 A comprehensive range of accessories including additional illumination modules can be found in the Crime-lite Imager product brochure.
CLI Accessory-lens CLI Accessory-FLS CLI Accessory-laptop CLI Accessory-floorstand

Your Choice of Lens

25mm (supplied as standard), 25mm Quartz, 35mm, or 50mm

FLS Light Source

Vis - IR continuos narrowband illumination

PC or Laptop

Contact Foster + Freeman for latest spec.

Floor stand

Aluminum frame with magnetic tabletop

CLI Accessory-stand CLI Accessory-case CLI Accessory-gooseneck CLI Accessory-translight

Portable Stand

Lightweight stand with quick-release clamp

Carry Case

Rugged, shock-resistant and waterproof

Dual Gooseneck light

For coaxial illumination

Transmitted (Paddle) Light

For transmitted and side lighting

CLI Accessory-coax CLI Accessory-darkfield CLI Accessory-linelight CLI Accessory-ringlight

Coax Light Box

For coaxial illumination

Dark Field Ring Light

For uniform oblique lighting

Line Light

For oblique lighting

Ring Light

For uniform semi-bright field illumination




Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications



DCS 5 the expert system for fingerprint capture and enhancement

Crime-lite 8x4mk2 LED light source integral to the DCS 4 system

News: Crime-lite 8x4 photographic ringlight now includes UV

MVC-D Cabinets a range of evidence fuming cabinets


Automatic Fingerprint Identification Systems (A.F.I.S)

Digital Enhancement

Image Integrity

Specialist Lighting

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