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Crime-lite Imager Software


The only forensic digital imaging system with two distinct modes of operation (Automatic and Advanced) providing rapid, high-quality results for users with varying degrees of photographic expertise.


Expert photographic practice is made simple using the Automatic Mode of operation where enhancement options are presented as a simple dropdown list.

Having selected the type of evidence and evidence treatment the Crime-lite Imager automatically performs a number of preset standard enhancements displaying each enhanced image in a thumbnail gallery.


Preset evidence types include:

  • 18 fingerprint treatment types including DFO, ninhydrin, BY40, PolyCyano, Ardrox etc.
  • Handwritten and printed documents
  • Trace evidence including blood, fibers, GSR etc.


Automatic Mode: Imaging Polycyano treated prints

1. Place evidence under the camera and select examination type

2. Automatic imaging commences with results displayed as thumbnails

3. Select 'best' image and invert colours

4. Apply additional enhancements if required


In Advanced Mode the operator may select and apply specific image enhancement processes with full manual control of lighting, filters and post-imaging enhancement.

This mode allows an expert operator to fine tune the enhancement process.


Advanced Mode features include:

  • Manual selection of over 100 illumination
  • Manual camera filter selection
  • Image enhancement tools including Contrast adjust, color extraction, invert, lowpass, despeckle, gamma correction and color removal.
  • Create and store custom examination routines for use in Automatic Mode
  • Calibrated measurements




Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications



DCS 5 the expert system for fingerprint capture and enhancement

Crime-lite 8x4mk2 LED light source integral to the DCS 4 system

News: Crime-lite 8x4 photographic ringlight now includes UV

MVC-D Cabinets a range of evidence fuming cabinets


Automatic Fingerprint Identification Systems (A.F.I.S)

Digital Enhancement

Image Integrity

Specialist Lighting

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