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The MVC/D range of fuming cabinets are the latest and most advanced range of systems for the development of latent fingerprints with cyanoacrylate monomer.

The cabinets can be operated in either manual or automatic mode and have been designed to accommodate both cyanoacrylate and PolyCyano UV, a new one-stage cyanoacrylate/fluorescent compound which treats the cyanoacrylate deposits on latent fingerprints with a fluorescent stain simultaneously eliminating the need for subsequent staining.

The updated MVC3000/D3, MVC1000/D2 and MVC1000/XL cabinets also include a number of new features including internal LED illumination, for improved visualization of developed fingerprints, and redesigned glue heater and steamer units, both of which contribute to reduced fuming cycle times and greater levels of control throughout the fuming process.


Features include:

Choose to run automatic preset fuming cycles or take full manual control of every stage of the development process.

Operating under automatic control, the complete humidification, cyanoacrylate fuming, and fume extraction process proceed without operator intervention according to recommended preset parameters.

Under manual control, each phase of the development process is initiated separately, enabling the operator to extend or terminate the fuming process for best results.

The health and safety of the operator is paramount. Once the fuming process has been activated safety interlocks prevent the door from being opened until the cleansing process has been completed at the end of the cycle.

All MVC/D cabinets feature self-contained cleansing systems consisting of high capacity, fan-driven, activated carbon filters.

The cleansing process occurs at the end of each complete fuming cycle and when the cabinet is not in operation automatically for a short period every ten minutes to eliminate any build up of cyanoacrylate vapor.

The MVC/D of cabinets have been designed to accommodate either Cyanoacrylate or PolyCyano UV, a new one-stage glue/stain process for developing fluorescent fingerprints, without the need for further chemical staining.

During the development process fans continually circulate the atmosphere in the chamber to ensure that fingerprint development is uniform while sensors monitor and control the internal humidity to maintain optimum conditions.

Toughened glass panels on each side of the MVC/D cabinets afford the operator a 360o view of evidence throughout the fuming process.

Safety interlocked UV-C lamps are available for all MVC/D cabinets to provide DNA decontamination. Emitting high energy shortwave UV at 254nm, the lamps will destroy exposed DNA adhering to the internal surface of the cabinet.

One lamp is recommended for the MVC/D 1000, Two for the MVC/D 3000 and Three lamps for the MVC/D 5000 which must be ordered with the cabinet.

UV-C lamps can be retrofitted to MVC1000 cabinets in the field. MVC3000 and MVC5000 cabinet upgrades require factory modification.





PolyCyano UV



MVC-lite: A portable MVC chamber for use at the crime scene


Cyanoacrylate Fuming 

PolyCyano UV