Study: Discrimination of microscopic paint samples

vehicle paint analysis

In a short study of 45 automotive paint samples, the Foster + Freeman ffTA with UV-Visible micro-spectrophotometer (MSP) module provided a means of objective colour measurement for the discrimination of visually similar automotive paint samples.

Completed in-house by Foster + Freeman application specialists, the study sought to distinguish, by spectral analysis, samples of blue, green and red paints as well as achromatic shades of grey, silver and black.

In total, 45 vehicle paint samples were embedded in light-activated resin and microtomed before being subjected UV-Vis analysis focusing around 400-750nm in the electromagnetic spectrum.

29 out of 29 colour paint chips were acurately discriminated by MSP while all but 2 of the remaining 16 achromatic paint samples provided useful spectral information.


The full results of the study can be viewed  here:  Trace Evidence types> Paint Chips or downloaded as a pdf  here 



Foster + Freeman ffTA

The ffTA is a modular trace evidence analysis system that features a range of analytical facilities on a single microscope operated through a single PC.

Modules currently available for the ffTA include Glass RI Measurement (GRIM), 3-wavelength Raman Spectroscopy, Fluorescence Imaging, Image Processing, UV-Vis-IR Microspectrometry (MSP) and Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM).