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Crime-lite ML2 Accessories


Bandpass Viewing Filters

In addition to the standard filters supplied with the Crime-lite ML2, a selection of Bandpass Viewing Filters, tailored for the examination of specific evidence types, are also available.

  • 415nm for the visualization of blood spatter
  • 530nm for the visualization of body fluids
  • 550nm for the visualization of body fluids

Each Bandpass Viewing Filter is manufactured from Schott glass with an additional coating to suppress auto-fluorescent emissions from the Schott glass itself, thus ensuring maximum optical performance when using high power light sources.

Evidence undergoing infrared examination using the Crime-lite ML2 IR module is visualized using an IR sensitive camera attachment with live video images being displayed on a PC monitor.

5MP IR sensitive camera

For the visualization and digital image capture of evidence

  • Attaches to the Crime-lite ML2
  • Rotates into position over the viewing lens
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Includes UV, Vis & IR filters
  • Includes image capture software


Tablet PC Mount

Adjustable mount that clamps tablet PC to Articulated Arm


Laboratory Cart  

Available for use with all Foster + Freeman Crime-lites, this robust wheeled cart is ideal for use in forensic laboratories.

The 70x60x70cm unit is mounted on lockable castors and can be manoeuvred around exhibits. A two-point fixing plate allows for the easy attachment of a Crime-lite articulated arm.

An optional uninterruptible power supply can be used to power equipment with no trailing wires. When not in use the trolley can be connected to an AC mains power outlet to be recharged.






Crime-lite 8x4MK2 multi-spectral LED ring light

Crime-lite 42S a range of dual-colour light sources


Multi-spectral Illumination


Infrared Illumination

UV Illumination

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