Interpol presentation 
As a leading manufacturer of forensic science equipment and recognized innovator within the field of fingerprint technology, Foster + Freeman were invited by INTERPOL to present at the 7th International Symposium on Fingerprints held in Lyon, France, 25-27 April 2012.
Paul Butler, European Sales Manager for Foster + Freeman, presented ‘New Developments in Fingerprint Technology’ to some 150 delegates from 51 countries including the heads of National Fingerprint Bureaus and high ranking officials such as INTERPOL Executive Director of Police Services Jean-Michel Louboutin.
The presentation featured a number of established Foster + Freeman products including high intensity light sources, cyanoacrylate fuming systems, and the DCS 4 digital image capture workstation. Delegates were also introduced to new development techniques including anti-Stokes technology, thermal fingerprint development, and PolyCyano UV, the one-stage fuming treatment.
The purpose of the symposium, a 3-day event held every two years, is to provide an opportunity for fingerprint experts from around the world to share best practices and the latest developments.
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