Would be immigrants travelling on counterfeit passports are having their journey’s cut short while attempting to transit through Dubai where forensic examiners are using Foster + Freeman QDE equipment to identify fraudulent documents.
During the first 6 months of 2013, the Dubai Police uncovered 144 individual cases of passport forgery as the number of illegal immigrants attempting to pass through the country, often enroute to Europe or North America, continues to rise.
The most commonly forged passports seized in Dubai are from developing countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, although it is not uncommon for officials to come across fake British passports, often purchased from criminal gangs at great cost to the document holder.
In addition to immigration, document faudsters in Dubai are increasingly using fake passports and ID cards to commit frauds including non-payment of hotel bills and the theft of rental vehicles, where forged passports have been used as security.
The Dubai Police HQ took delivery of a VSC6000 document examination workstation and recieved comprehensive training from Foster + Freeman in 2009.
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