ffTA Trace evidence analysis system 
The ffTA, multi-examination system for the analysis of trace evidence, has been updated through the addition of a new Leica DM2700M microscope.
Providing a high quality optical input to the ffTA system, the DM2700M has been designed to improve stability and reliabilty during forensic inspection and includes a powerful LED light source for brightfield, darkfield, differential contrast and polarized light applications.
The change to LED illumination offers many advantages over the previous ffTA microscope, including:
  • Constant colour temperature
  • Long lamp life time (35k h) at 8h/day = 20 years
  • Entirely adjustment-free
  • No down time (bulb exchange)
  • No heat production
The updated ffTA system, with DM2500M microscope, is offered with a choice of Leica objectives (5x, 10x, 20x, 25x (reflective), x40, x50, x52 (reflective), and x63), a fixed ergonomic stage with ceramic surface, and a precision X-Y measuring stage.
Existing ffTA users, with systems built around the Leica DM2500, can also benefit from the advantages of LED illumination by upgrading their microscope with an optional LED lamp housing module.
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