By combining the document examination capabilities of a VSC system with one of our selected microscopes, users can achieve the ideal interaction of multi-spectral imaging and advanced image processing with crystal clear imaging of fine details at high levels of magnification.


A selection of microscope options including high specification stereomicroscopes manufactured by Leica Microsystems and Nikon as well as the foster+freeman DVM digital video microscope, provides VSC users with a range of magnification options to suit both budget and application requirements.

Each of the available microscopes can be connected to a VSC system via a high resolution digital camera attachment with live images can be subjected to the full range of VSC image enhancement and comparison processes.


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Foster + Freeman DVM Nikon SMZ 745T | SMZ18 | SMZ25 Leica S6D | M80 | M205C
Digital microscope with white and UV LED illumination for the examination of taggants in security documents. A choice of three high specification instruments including the SMZ25, the world’s first 25:1 zoom stereomicroscope. Basic, intermediate and expert microscope options providing crystal clear image quality, ideally suited to QDE applications.
Digital Video Microscope Nikon SMZ25 stereomicroscope Leica M205C Stereomicrope

DVM Microscope



Basic - SMZ 745T Microscope

Intermediate - SMZ18 Microscope

Advanced - SMZ25 Microscope

Basic - S6 D Microscope

Intermediate - M80 Microscope

Advanced - M205 C Microscope