SoleMate FPX is a new and improved system that combines an extensive footwear reference database with a streamlined search interface for the rapid identification of shoe prints discovered at the crime scene.

Using a simple technique of selecting shapes, text and logos from the crime scene print, users are able to search against a database of over 31,000 individual footwear records to quickly and easily identify the shoe, boot or trainer capable of producing the suspect mark.

Key to the effectiveness of SoleMate FPX is its intuitive simplicity. Having installed the SoleMate FPX database and integrated search tool, users are able begin searching for and identifying footwear marks in a matter of minutes with little or no training required.

Providing reference data of unrivalled quality, the SoleMate FPX database is updated four times per year with approximately 2,000 records added to the system annually. Database records include brand, model and date of release, photographs of the footwear and a black and white copy of the print it creates.  All types of footwear are included in the database as well as the vast majority of major brands such as Nike, Adidas, Sketchers, Timberland, Sebago etc.

A simple, effective, and low cost system for the identification of full or partial footwear marks, SoleMate FPX is the ideal shoeprint intelligence tool – For further information visit the SoleMate FPX page