Foster and Freeman Licence Innovative New Technology to Recover ‘Impossible’ Fingerprints


foster+freeman has signed an exclusive agreement with the MoD Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) to refine and commercialise an advanced fingermark visualisation technology that will make it much harder for criminals to evade identification.

Jointly developed by Dstl, the Home Office, and researchers at Loughborough University, the cutting-edge technology uses an innovative chemical process to develop fingerprints on a range of difficult surfaces including those that have been exposed to extreme heat (discharged bullet casings for example) and items that have been washed ‘clean’ in an attempt to prevent identification.

Currently in the final stages of development, foster+freeman intend to release the new technology, currently dubbed LFT (Latent Fingermark Technology), in the spring of 2018 and expect it’s ground-breaking capabilities to be of immediate interest to police and forensic examiners worldwide.


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