New Range of Compact VSC80 Questioned Document Examination Workstations Delivers Greater Functionality for Forensic and Frontline QDE Professionals

VSC80 document examination systems

January 2018, Evesham UK: Foster+Freeman Ltd, the worlds’ leading manufacturer of advanced technology for the examination of questioned documents, is pleased to announce the launch of two new compact VSC workstations built to meet the varied requirements of document examination professionals in forensic and immigration settings.

Adding innovative new features to tried and trusted VSC technology, VSC80, and VSC80i workstations offer powerful document examination facilities via a choice of input techniques:

Operated in the ‘traditional’ manner, via a connected PC and monitor, the VSC80 is a compact QDE workstation that offers a complete solution to the examination of questioned documents in cases of identity theft, forgery, counterfeiting, and fraud.

Operated via an intelligent touchscreen interface, the VSC80i includes an innovative software interface designed to simplify and streamline the examination of travel and identity documents including passports, visas, ID cards and drivers licenses.

Building upon Foster + Freeman’s 40-year history as the leading manufacturer of forensic document examination systems, the VSC80 and VSC80i represent a new generation of compact QDE workstations, built to ensures that professional document examiners remain one step ahead of the increasingly high-tech fakes and counterfeits produced by criminal gangs and other document fraudsters.

Both new VSC systems combine specialist light sources, imaging and software tools for the examination and authentication of modern document security measures including UV and IR activated inks, embedded biometric data and digitally encoded information (passports and ID cards etc.), and for the inspection of security features including microprint, 3D images, holograms and fluorescent inks (banknotes etc.).

VSC80 and VSC80i workstations provide a compact yet powerful alternative to Foster + Freeman’s flagship product the VSC8000, the world’s most advanced Video Spectral Comparator for document examination.




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