Updated Fingerprint Fuming Cabinet adds new features



Integrating new features with tried and trusted technology, the MVC3000/D3 cyanoacrylate fuming cabinet adds modern refinements to a system that has remained the dependable workhorse of fingerprint laboratories worldwide for the past 20 years.


With installations in more than 80 countries, from Argentina to Uzbekistan, MVC cabinets are renowned for their build quality, reliability of performance, and for producing a consistently high quality of fingerprints on a wide range of evidence.

Now the new MVC3000/D3 cabinet builds upon the core elements of previous MVC systems, adding improved features that reduce processing times (increasing evidence throughput) and enhance the visibility of developed fingermarks.


Notable additions to the MVC3000/D3 include:

  • Internal LED illumination To enhance the visibility and contrast of fingerprints
  • New structural frame Reducing the overall weight and increasing inspection windows
  • Improved glue heating and steamer units Reduce the overall cycle time and increase evidence throughput.


Further additions include a pull-out evidence hanging rail and a removable easy-clean fan housing.



fingerprint cabinet door fingerprint cabinet fan fingerprint glue heater
Touchpanel Interface Removable Fan Improved Glue Heater & Steamer



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