EYE-D2 is a rugged and reliable solution for front-line document inspection



Designed for checking standard security features of travel documents, the eye-D2 is a low-cost system that can be deployed in large numbers to improve national and border security.


The eye-D2 is a cost-effective system for the visual examination of passports and other ID documents, providing facilities for the verification of security features as well as detecting alterations or tampering.

Featuring up to 7 LED light sources, a magnifier and transparent screens with safety interlocks to prevent UV exposure, the eye-D2 enables the examiner to perform a complete visual inspection of a document using simple touchpanel controls to switch between light sources.

With a compact, lightweight design and a padded carrying case that unfolds to provide light shielding in bright ambient conditions, the eye-D2 is an ideal system to be deployed for use in the field.



eyed-UV eyed-flood eyed-OVD


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