Powerful forensic LASER illumination with best-in-class Crime-lite technology

Crime-lite® LASER

For the detection and examination of every last trace of forensic evidence; the new Crime-lite LASER provides intense, ultranarrowband LASER illumination from a truly portable light source.

Available in Blue (447nm) and Green (520nm) wavelengths, the Crime-lite LASER is capable of revealing evidence including latent and treated fingermarks, body fluids, and other invaluable traces of forensic evidence:

  • Latent & treated fingermarks
  • Body fluids (incl. blood, saliva, semen etc.)
  • Accelerants and traces of GSR
  • Illicit drug residues
  • Other minute traces of evidence


Power x Portability
Testament to the skills and experience within our Research and Development team, each Crime-lite LASER combines cutting-edge, patent-pending technology in a truly portable device easily transported to and operated at the crime scene.

Complete End-User Safety
Designed to be the safest handheld forensic laser currently available, a combination of robust safety interlocks protects the end-user from accidental exposure to the laser beam at all times.


Crime-lite LASER

Best-in-class Technology

Our most advanced light source to date:

The Crime-lite LASER combines advanced cutting-edge laser technology, together with robust safety features into a truly portable handheld device.

High-intesity LASER output:
Blue 447nm
Green 520nm

Powerful, despeckled and shadow-free divergent beam.

High power/weight ratio:
Our advanced technology allows for an ergonomic handheld design familiar to Crime-lite users, which can be easily operated via battery or AC mains

Triple-interlocked safety features:
- Passcode activation
- Dead man’s trigger safety switch
- Mechanical beam shutter

Self-test diagnostics:
Pre-use checks ensure optimal performance at all times

Dark Adaptation:
The Crime-lite LASER kit comes complete with goggles to ensure operator readiness

Narrowband LASER Illumination

The primary reason that an examiner may select to use a LASER over a LED light source is the narrow waveband accuracy that a LASER provides.

Crime-lite LASER illumination is surgically precise, designed to excite fluorescence within a narrow 2nm bandwidth, illuminating only the desired target evidence without exciting any unwanted background fluorescence.

Focusing all of the LASER’s output into such a narrow illumination bandwidth further increases the light intensity and ensures an even dispersion of light across the diameter of the beam.

Whilst both LED and LASER illumination can reveal traces of forensic evidence, the narrow bandwidth output of the LASER can significantly reduce any background fluorescence to provide superior contrast.

Crime-lite LASER

Product Videos

Applications Demo

Join our applications specialist Laura for a closer look at the impressive results the Crime-lite LASER is able to achieve across a range of forensic applications.

Safety Features

As with all of our products, user safety is paramount, and never more so than with our first LASER powered Crime-lite; watch for examples of safe LASER operation.

Kit Walkthrough

Our Crime-lite LASER kits are designed with the user in mind; providing you with everything you need for safe and effective operation in a single secure and durable unit.

Crime-lite LASER

Complete End-User Safety

Triple-Interlocked Safety

End-user safety is central to the design of the Crime-lite LASER. A combination of robust safety interlocks protects the user, and anyone else in the vicinity, from accidental exposure to the device’s powerful beam at all times.

Focused on Security

Each Crime-lite LASER includes 3-layers of safety to prevent unwanted firing of the beam. Firstly, an activation passcode must be entered on the devices LCD interface. Secondly a mechanical beam shutter must be manually opened, before thirdly the laser may be fired by depressing the ‘dead man’s trigger’.

Complete Safety Solution

In addition to these measures, each Crime-lite LASER is supplied with a physical interlock plug, specialist goggles and safety-signage. LASER safety training is also available.

Declaration of Conformity

Crime-lite LASER


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Crime-lite LASER - For the detection and examination of every last trace of forensic evidence.

Providing high-intensity beams of Blue (447nm) and Green (520nm) illumination, each Crime-lite LASER is capable of detecting even the faintest traces of evidence at the crime scene and in the laboratory.

Condensing the full power of a lab-based forensic laser into a compact, lightweight unit, the Crime-lite LASER is suitable for the detection of body fluids (blood, semen, saliva, sweat, urine, vaginal fluids), latent fingermarks, chemically treated fingermarks, suspect fibres, illicit drugs, gunshot residues and other traces of evidential value.

  • Date of Recording: Wednesday 19th May 2021
  • Hosts: Dr Roberto King and Richard Evans
  • Duration: 1hr 28mins