Introducing the new

  MVC1000-XL-fingerprint fuming chamber


Advanced cyanoacrylate fingerprint fuming chamber with an increased capacity

A redesign of the popular MVC1000 bench-top fingerprint fuming cabinet, the new MVC1000/XL provides an additional 90ltrs capacity and is tall enough to accommodate rifles, hunting firearms and other objects of up to 1245mm in length.

Combining tried and trusted technology, used by police forensic laboratories worldwide for more than 25 years, with new features including LED illumination and dual-temperature glue heating, the MVC1000/XL is our most advanced cyanoacrylate fuming cabinet to date.



XL Capacity Advanced Features Fingerprint Fuming





      fingerprint fuming rifles and firearms




The MVC1000/XL compared alongside commonly seized firearms (from left to right) Heckler & Koch MP5 (690mm), Kalashnikov AK-47 (869mm), Kalashnikov PKM (1160mm), and Remington 870 (1231mm)


XL Capacity
Built to accommodate large items of evidence

Standing 300mm (11.8") taller than the MVC1000/D benchtop fuming cabinet, the corner-to-corner capacity of the MVC1000/XL measures 1245mm (49") providing adequate space for the fuming of hunting rifles and firearms commonly seized by police forces in Europe and the US.




glue fume firearms large capacity fuming cabinet small-footprint


Total Volume

Small benchtop







XL Capacity Advanced Features Fingerprint Fuming





 cyanoacrylate fuming cabinet  Improved Fingerprint Visibility  Easy to clean fingerprint chamber


LED Illumination


Greater Visibility


Easier to Clean

Two banks of bright white light LEDs enhance the visibility and contrast of fingerprints.

A new structural frame reduces the overall weight and increases the size of evidence inspection windows

Improved glue heating and steamer units reduce the overall cycle time and increase evidence throughput.




XL Capacity Advanced Features Fingerprint Fuming





 controlled fingerprint development  cyanoacrylate fingermarks  Polycyano fingerprints


Automatic or Manual Control


Consistent High-Quality Results


Cyanoacrylate & PolyCyano Compatible

Choose to run automatic preset fuming cycles or take full manual control of every stage of the development process. Operating under automatic control, the complete humidification, cyanoacrylate fuming, and fume extraction process proceed without operator intervention.

During the development process, fans continually circulate the atmosphere in the chamber to ensure that fingerprint development is uniform while sensors monitor and control the internal humidity to maintain optimum conditions and guarantee consistent results.

The MVC1000/XL cabinets have been designed to accommodate either Cyanoacrylate or PolyCyano UV, a new one-stage glue/stain process for developing fluorescent fingerprints, without the need for further chemical staining.

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