New UK Passport introduces state-of-the-art security features

Examine the new UK passport

Its colourful new design, celebrating 500 years of the ‘Creative United Kingdom’, has received widespread criticism for “airbrushing” women out of history, but is the new British Passport the most secure that the UK has ever issued?

Unveiled by the UK Minister for Immigration, James Brokenshire, at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, the latest design of the UK passport has immediately sparked controversy after it emerged that seven of the nine creative figures included in the design were men.

However, while campaigners have publicly expressed their anger over the omission of great British women, there may be another, less vocal, group of individuals that find themselves even more infuriated by the new 16-page design; document fraudsters.


More Secure

An internationally respected document, the British Passport has long been a target for fraudsters who attempt to counterfeit or tamper with documents for criminal gain.

In response to this ongoing threat, a new UK Passport design is launched every five years, with each new version incorporating the latest and most secure printing and design techniques.

The new passport, which is to be rolled out in a phased approach starting in December 2015, takes advantage of new security printing techniques using UV and infrared light, inks and watermarks.

Described by Her Majesty’s Passport Office as ‘the most secure [passport] that the UK has ever issued’, the document also features an entirely new continuous personal details page, a method of construction that has never previously been seen, to prevent the passport from being tampered with.

Other security features within the design include a 3D watermark of William Shakespeare, UV and Infrared inks, GeminiTM security ink, embedded fibres and laminate holograms.

To visualise all of the security features within the new UK Passport, including the many secret features not mentioned here, it is necessary to examine the document using an advanced QDE workstation such as the Foster + Freeman VSC8000.





Images of the new UK Passport can be found on the GOV.UK website

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