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VSC40 Range

All VSC40 systems include the same Common Features, variants are created through the addition of selected Examination Modules plus your choice of System Control Options and Optional Accessories.


Common Features

VSC40 Base Unit

  • System housing and power supply
  • Dimensions W 370mm x D 380mm x H 360mm

UV-Vis-IR Illumination

  • Incident IR and Visible light source
  • Transmitted IR and Visible light source
  • Twin side light source
  • High intensity transmitted spot light
  • Incident UV (365nm) light source
  • Co-axial light source

VSC40 systems











 Examination Modules

UV light Sources
Incident 254 & 313nm, Transmitted 365nm


Anti-Stokes IR Light Source
740 - 1100nm


Multi-Angle LEDs
x2 or x13 LED arrays for OVD visualisation

 x2 x2 x2 x13 x13

Camera Filters
x1, x6, or x13 camera filters 

x1 x1 x6 x6 x13

100W Visible Spotlight
with Single or Multi-Band Filter 

     single single multi

Standard Camera 
CCD colour/mono IR sensitive camera with zoom lens
Up to x43 optical or x86 digital magnification on a 22" monitor


HD Camera Upgrade
2MP CMOS IR sensitive digital camera.
Up to x50 optical or x100 digital magnification on a 24" monitor



System Control

VSC 40 systems are available with a choice of desktop or laptop PC systems.

VSC software is compatible with Microsft Windows and Apple OS computer systems.

Desktop PC

Complete control of the VSC system hardware functions using mouse and keyboard


Laptop PC

Offers the same functionality as a desktop PC with added portability


Optional Accessories 

PolariSafe Viewer

UV polarised light viewer

Carrying Case

Wheeled, padded, water resistant carry case with retractable handle

Security Documents Database

Reference database including over 1,550 passports, ID cards and driving licences from 179 countries

Uninterruptable Power Supply

In case of AC power failure, typical runtime 2-hours

Embedded Information Decoder

Detect and display data that has been embedded within images

Banknotes Database

Reference database including over 70,000 images of banknotes from 184 countries

12V DC Power Adaptor

Power the VSC from a 12V source such as a car battery

ICAO E-Reader

A choice of standalone USB 2.0 compactibel e-document readers 


Select from a range of stereomicroscopes to provide an alternative input to the VSC system.





System Selection



PRODUCT NEWS: VSC40/HD adds high resolution digital imaging to VSC40 range

VSC400: Mid-range system designed for the verification of all questioned documents.

DVM: Digital Video Microscope for the examination of microscopic taggants

ASQDE present Foster + Freeman with prestigious award



Multi-spectral Imaging

Third Level Security Features

IR Fluorescence

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