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SICAR 6 has now been superseded by SoleMate FPX, an advanced footwear mark identification system that improves upon the original SICAR interface.


SICAR 6, in conjunction with the SoleMate footwear database, is a complete solution for the identification of shoe prints recovered from crime scenes and the management of shoeprint evidence.

A sole pattern coding technique is used to characterize a shoe print. The code set is then searched for in the footwear database for matches.

Searching the SoleMate database to identify footwear is fast and simple with results being displayed in a thumbnail gallery for visual examination.

Once a suspect print has been identified, the information can be used to establish links between crimes and suspects and shared across a network of SICAR installations.


Features include:

  • Simple 'pattern coding' to characterize a shoe print.
  • Effective on full or partial shoeprints
  • Link crimes to suspects or crimes to other crimes
  • Share data across network either internally or between remote sites
  • Produce detailed reports
  • Minimal technical training required



SoleMate FPX



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