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A training course for immigration and border control professionals providing  the knowledge and skill-set required to examine the wide variety of questioned documents often found in a immigration/border control environment



Training Objective:

To give participants a good understanding of the functions of immigration controls, the threats they face and the importance of travel and identity documents in the control process.

Course Outline:

A comprehensive examination of the function and operations of immigration controls on both a national and international perspective focussing on the importance of secure travel documentation and of identifying and detecting document abuse. This will include consideration of global (ICAO) standards for travel documents and how these assist the secure facilitation of international travellers through border controls.


Course Details:

● Definition of border and immigration control
● Threats to immigration controls
● Key areas for combating immigration abuse
● technology
● liaising with overseas authorities on border control
● the need for professionally skilled border control officers
● The role of travel and identity documents with an emphasis on the importance of compliance with international standards in the production and issuance of documents
● Travel and identity document fraud methods
● The role of immigration control officials in checking the security and validity of travel and identity documents
● Document fraud examination and detection equipment
● National structures within immigration control authorities responsible for travel document security and fraud detection and their importance across the whole area of law enforcement


People involved in border and immigration control operations who wish to develop more secure and effective operational practices in their border control procedures.


At the end of this course the participants will have an understanding of:
● The variety and concepts of immigration control systems, the threats they face and the types of fraud involved.
● The means of detecting various types of travel document abuse and the equipment available to achieve this.

Assessment Method:


Next Step:

Suggested further courses include:
● Modern Techniques for Forensic Document Examination



Crime-lite forensic light sources

SUPERfume mobile cyanoacrylate fuming system

MVC-lite portable cyanoacrylate fuming chamber


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