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Forensic Webinar Series

Spring/Summer 2020


foster+freeman would like to invite you to join us to learn about our latest forensic innovations for crime scene and laboratory applications.

Due to the high levels of demand, we've now increased our webinar capacity to up to 500 connections, so you and anyone on your team can log in from each of your work locations.


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Live Webinar Schedule - Recordings also available


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DCS 5 - The Complete Fingerprint Imaging System

DCS 5 is a comprehensive imaging system for the detection, capture, and enhancement of almost any type of fingerprint on any surface or background to ensure that maximum detail is revealed.

Used by leading forensic laboratories worldwide, DCS 5 includes all of the hardware and software components required to improve the visualisation of every type of fingerprint whether it be latent, contaminated or chemically treated.



When: Wednesday 10th June, 10:00AM (UK Time - GMT+1)

Host(s): Richard Evans, Laura Dodd, Dan Freeman

Duration: 60mins (approx.)

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VSC - New Developments in Questioned Document Examination

Thanks to the proliferation of high-quality image editing software and professional printing equipment, it is necessary for security printers and expert document examiners alike to continually upgrade the technology that they work with if they are to stay ahead of high tech counterfeiters and fraudsters.

With this in mind, Foster+Freeman invests heavily in the research and design of new and improved technologies for the examination of questioned documents.

The company’s VSC range of document examination instruments include a number of future-proofing hardware components and undergoes continual software development, regularly adding new features such as 3D imaging.



When: Wednesday 17th June, 10:00AM (UK Time - GMT+1)

Host(s): TBC

Duration: 60mins (approx.)

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COMING SOON - June/July 2020


Webinar Española - Webinar Deutsche - Webinar Française


24th June: Full-Spectrum Forensics - For Crime Scene and Laboratory Applications

1st July: Getting the best out of Cyanoacrylate fumed marks - Fuming, illumination and imaging techniques


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RECOVER - Technology for the Development of Impossible Fingerprints

Cutting-edge technology to develop fingerprints on a range of difficult surfaces including those that have been exposed to extreme heat (discharged bullet casings for example) and items that have been washed ‘clean’ in an attempt to prevent identification.



Date of Recording: Wednesday 13th May

Host(s): Dr Roberto King, Dr Lloyd Davis

Duration: 106mins 

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Crime-lite AUTO - For the Detection and Imaging of Evidence at the Crime Scene

With the weight and feel of a high-quality DSLR camera, the Crime-lite AUTO is a fully-integrated search and with Crime-lite narrowband illumination. Simply operated via an integral touchscreen, the compact device is ideal for the search, detection, and photography of body fluids (fluorescence and IR examination), fragments of trace evidence, and treated fingerprints.



Date of Recording: Wednesday 20th May

Host(s): Dr Roberto King, Rachael Brewster, Richard Evans

Duration: 104mins 

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Crime-lite ML PRO - Multi-spectral imaging for the detection and mark-up of body fluids

The Crime-lite ML PRO is the first in a new generation of evidence screening tools built to meet the demands of busy forensic laboratories tasked with processing large quantities of evidence. With fully-integrated UV-Vis-IR illumination and an ‘intelligent optics’ imaging system, the ML PRO can be used to mark-up evidence, detecting the presence of bodily fluids and locating minute fragments of trace evidence.



Date of Recording: Wednesday 27th May

Host(s): Yvonne Turner, Laura Dodd, Dan Skros

Duration: 102mins 

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Crime-lite X - The Future of Handheld Forensic Illumination

At the crime scene or in the forensic laboratory, the Crime-lite X provides up to 175x wavebands of intense illumination for the detection and examination of physical evidence.

A complete ALS kit in a single light source, the Crime-lite X includes White, UV, Violet, Blue, Blue/Green, Green, Orange, Red and Infrared LEDs.



When: Wednesday 3rd June, 10:00AM (UK Time - GMT+1)

Host(s): Dr Roberto King, Richard Evans, Lloyd Davis

Duration: 60mins (approx.)

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Crime-lite Webinar 

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