With the Crime-lite range of forensic light sources, Foster + Freeman have pioneered the use of high intensity LED illumination for the search, detection, and examination of forensic evidence both at the crime scene and in the forensic laboratory. Foster + Freeman Crime-lites provide a quality of construction that is instantly recognizable in look, feel and performance. All Crime-lites within the range include the unique guarantee of being able to provide 100% light output throughout the lifespan of a battery ensuring that no trace of evidence goes unmissed.


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The Complete Imaging/Illumination Solution

Combining the latest forensic imaging technology with high-intensity multi-spectral illumination, the new Crime-lite AUTO is a complete solution to the search, detection, and capture of evidence.


New Accessory   Sample Kit 

Crime-lite AUTO Accessories

Add further functionality to your Crime-lite AUTO


Coaxial Light Box

Oblique Lighting Module

Evidence Sample Kit




The ultimate crime scene search and capture tool combining multi-wavelength illumination with a UV-Vis-IR camera 


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New Advances in Light Source Technology

Our latest generation of Crime-lite forensic light sources integrates high-intensity illumination with advanced features that will redefine your expectations of a handheld light source.


New Accessory   clx-goggles 

Interchangeable Filter Goggles

Seamlessly switch between filter wavelengths


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forensic LASER light source  crimeliteX


Powerful Blue 447nm and Green 520nm Handheld Forensic LASERs with best-in-class Crime-lite technology


1 light source, 175x illumination wavebands. The unique Crime-lite X is a complete ALS kit in a single light source

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Handheld Forensic Light Sources

A forensic examiner's most valuable tool, our range of handheld Crime-lites are used at crime scenes and in forensic laboratories worldwide to reveal evidence that cannot be detected using other light sources.


New Accessory   CL-eye 

Crime-lite® Eye

Darkness Adaptation Checker

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crime-lite-82s-light  Crime-lite 82L linear light source


A range of powerful and versatile 16-LED light sources available in wavelengths from UV to IR.


16-LED light source designed to provide a 'sheet' of low-angle surface illumination.

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 Dual waveband forensic light source  Crime-lite 2 single LED light source  
Powerful 96-LED alternate light source


A unique range of dual-colour forensic light sources


Lightweight single-LED forensic light sources available in 9 different wavelengths


The world's most powerful handheld LED forensic light source.

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Forensic Laboratory Light Sources

In addition to handheld Crime-lites, Foster+Freeman manufactures two multi-wavelength laboratory light sources. While the Crime-lite 8x4 is ideal for the visualization and enhancement of fingerprints, the Crime-lite ML2 has applications including the detection of body fluids and ‘marking-up’ of evidence.


Crime-lite ML2 bench top light source

Crime-lite®ML PRO

Bench or wall-mounted multi-spectral imaging system, with automated filter selection, for the detection and mark-up of body fluids and other forensic evidence types.


Bench-top magnifier with multi-wavelength illumination optimized for laboratory examinations.


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UV-Vis-IR Examination Systems

Using the new Crime-lite Cam attachment, it is now possible to search beyond the visible spectrum to detect previously unseen evidence including body fluids, blood stains, gunshot residues, scuffs and tool marks etc.


Crime-lite Cam systems are also suitable for the visualisation of fpNatural 1 & 2 IR fluorescent fingerprint powder

CSI IR search kit

laboratory ir search



Crime Scene Investigation

A fully portable and incredibly powerful CSI search tool

Laboratory Examination

Choose from a range of IR/UV light sources suitable for laboratory applications.


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Crime-lite®ML PRO




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