Foster + Freeman instruments increase the value of forensic trace evidence by enabling examiners to compare and identify minute fragments of evidence using a range of techniques. Instruments provide accurate and repeatable results while at the same time reducing the time, labor, and difficulty often associated with trace evidence analysis.


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Trace Evidence Workstation

Foster + Freeman's ffTA is a unique modular system that provides Raman spectroscopy, GRIM glass analysis, UV-Vis-IR Microspectrometry, Fluorescence Imaging, Polarised Light Microscopy and Image Processing, on a single microscope. 

ffTA multi-examination trace evidence analysis instrument    

ffTATM multi-examination system

Powerful and versatile, the ffTA provides the forensic scientist with a range of techniques for the examination of trace evidence including glass fragments, bodily fluids, gunshot residues, drugs and illicit substances, paint chips, pigments, organic and synthetic fibers.


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Forensic Raman Spectroscopy

Fast, non-destructive and highly effective, Raman spectroscopy is an ideal technique for identifying and comparing substances of forensic value.

Foram Raman Spectrometer  
Raman spectra libraries


A range of Raman spectrometers designed for the analysis of forensic evidence

Raman Spectra Databases

A selection of Raman spectra libraries for the identification of unknown substances.

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Full Product Details


Brochure PDF  Download VSC6000 Brochure

Brochure PDF  Download VSC6000 Brochure







Forensic Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

LIBS is a versatile elemental comparison technique that offers significant advantages in cost and efficiency, over other processes such as XRF, SEM, and mass spectrometry. 

ECCO LIBS for document analysis


A turnkey system designed for the elemental analysis of paper, glass, metals, paint, fibers, minerals and gunshot residues by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS).


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Footwear Identification

Identify the make and model of a shoe or boot from its full or partial print to provide valuable information that can identify possible suspects and provide links between crimes. 

SoleMate footwear mark reference database

 SoleMate FPX footwear identification system



Extensive footwear reference database for the identification of shoe prints.


SoleMate® FPX

A streamlined software package that combines the SoleMate® database with an integrated search tool. 


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Full Product Details


Brochure PDF  Download VSC6000 Brochure


Brochure PDF  Download VSC6000 Brochure









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