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Perfect Digital Capture of Travel and Identity Documents



The VSC-PDi captures ultra-high-resolution images of documents under a selection of light sources, storing them together with biometric and embedded data to create a full digital record of the physical document.

Examination-quality digital copies of travel and identity documents can be interrogated on-the-spot or shared across a secure network for remote examination by users of any connected VSC instrument.

PDi Document Imaging Workstation
45MP Imaging identify-fakes decode embedded data

Flawless 45MP Imaging

The VSC-PDi combines a precision camera system with true-colour calibration to create perfect digital copies of a document. 


Identify Fakes and Counterfeits

Inspect crystal clear images of documents captured under UV, Visible and IR illumination to reveal counterfeits of evidence of tampering.


Examine Embedded Data

Auto-detect data embedded within documents including Machine Readable Zones, 2D and 3D barcodes, IPI and other concealed information.





Perfect Digital Copies

of Physical Documents


A digitised document, captured by via the VSC-PDi, includes all of the information and images that an examiner requires to perform a comprehensive interrogation of a passport or ID card even when no physical copy is present.

Digitised documents may be examined on the spot, shared with other users across a secure network, or added to a local or shared database 



Ultraviolet, Visible, and Infrared Imaging

Capture images of documents under UV, Visible and Infrared lighting conditions to reveal printed security features including UV activated inks and security threads, IR drop-out inks, holograms, latent images, and watermarks etc.

Printed and Embedded Data

Automatically detect, decode and record contactless eChip data, Machine Readable Zones (MRZ), 2D and 3D barcodes and other embedded data whilst Optical Character Recognition detects and imports printed text.

fineprint uv-passport infrared OVD hologram composite image raised-print barcode MRZ-detail magnify







One-Click Capture

Automated Document Examination


Operated via an intuitive software interface, VSC-PDi one-click examination routines may be configured to capture a series of ultra-high-resolution images under UV, Visible and IR light sources, revealing all levels of security features and exposing any signs of tampering or alteration.


Whilst images are captured, the VSC-PDi simultaneously detects and decodes embedded data (including eChip, biometric and ICAO MRZ data) to create a complete document data file.


Ideal for repetitive inspections, one-click examinations enable operators of all user levels to create perfect digital documents.







Advanced Features

Forensic-Level Examinations

PDi 3D

3D Imaging Mode

An optional 3-Dimensional imaging module enables document examiners to derive a 3D model of the surface of a document in order to better analyze security features, pen-tip strokes and other impressions in paper.

Even when examining a digitised document, it is possible to generate and examine a 3D image without the physical document needing to be present.

Facial Recognition

One of the most natural biometric measurements, facial recognition (powered by Gemalto) can be used to identify and authenticate an individual by comparing their physical appearance with the photograph(s) present in a passport or other identity document.

Used in combination with the optional Facial Recognition Kit, the VSC-PDi is capable of comparing a live image (captured via webcam) against a printed photograph and eID embedded image.

True-Colour Calibration

An easy to use calibration routine enables users to display VSC-PDi images on-screen with perfect accuracy. 

By checking VSC-PDi capture data against an industry-standard ColorChecker calibration chart it is possible to ensure the consistency of images captured by any VSC-PDi system.  



Remote Examination

Share Examination-Quality Images and Data Across a Secure Network

 PDi document examination network

Create a VSC-Link Connected QDE Network 

Transfer and share examination-quality images, captured using any VSC-Link enabled system, across a secure network for remote examination or inclusion within a shared database.

Utilise Expert Knowledge at any Location

Allow centrally-located experts to perform interrogations of examination-quality digital copies of documents captured at remote locations.

Share Information and Generate Alerts 

Instantly share information with other VSC-link connected users. Create security alerts or notify users of suspect documents or counterfeit trends.


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