Foster + Freeman announce further innovations in fingerprint detection

fingerprint powder


A novel fingerprint dusting powder developed by Foster & Freeman is proving to have successful applications where existing treatments produce less than adequate results.

Developed using a substance extracted from naturally occurring algae, the new powder is non-toxic, fluoresces brightly in the infrared.

Most luminescent powders emit visible fluorescence which may not stand out brightly enough against ‘busy’ background, or worse still, ones that fluoresces at the same wavelength as the powder.

Foster + Freemans IR Powder has the useful property of fluorescing intensely in the infrared, so that previously troublesome backgrounds can often be seen to ‘drop out’ completely, revealing high contrast prints with excellent ridge detail.

A significant application is the imaging of prints on the new style plastic based banknotes, as well as on metals, glossy paper and plastics in general.


 Mouse over images to reveal fingerprints on polymer banknotes

Fingerprints on painted metal Fingerprints on wrapping paper SINGLEA
 Fingerprints on Australian AUD $10 banknote  Fingerprints on Nicaraguan C$200 banknote  Fingerprints on Singaporean SGD$10 banknote 



The powder, which is soon to be the subject of a peer reviewed paper, has been designed for use with Crime-lite forensic light sources and/or the Crime-lite Imager fingerprint enhancement workstation.