Multi-wavelength Raman spectra

The ffTA, a uniquely versatile modular instrument for the examination of forensic trace evidence by a variety of analytical techniques, has now been further expanded through the addition of a multi-wavelength Raman spectrometer, the Foram X3.

Raman spectra exhibit numerous features that are specific to molecular structure and provide valuable “fingerprints” for comparing and identifying materials. Raman spectroscopic analysis can be effective in discriminating paint chips, fibres, inks, drugs and controlled substances, as well as residue from explosives, flammables and accelerants.

The Foram X3 module is equipped with three tunable laser wavelengths, 785nm (invisible), 638nm and 532nm, and can be retro-fitted to any existing ffTA system. Using an optical multiplexer mounted onto a single high specification microscope the ffTA allows the operator to switch between functions to perform a range of forensic examinations. Other modules available for the system include GRIM 3, the glass refractive index measurement system, image processing and comparison functions, flourescence imaging, micro-spectroscopy, and cross-polarisation birefringence examination.