Shoe prints are collected for inclusion in the database

 SoleMate 60 Footwear Reference Database Released

The latest edition of the SoleMate shoeprint database has now been released to subscribers.

SoleMate 60 includes 316 new records bringing the total number of records in SoleMate to 34,913.

Each of the new records features high quality images and information relating to the latest footwear collections produced by leading manufacturers.

Each record in SoleMate contains the footwear's manufacturer, the manufacturer's reference for that item, the date of its release on to the market, an image or off-set print of the sole, several pictorial images of the footwear's uppers to aid recognition, and a set of pattern feature codes that facilitate search and match operations.

Where different manufacturers have used the same sole unit (a common practice), all relevant SoleMate records are linked, to allow the operator to consider all of the footwear that might have been responsible for the crime scene print.

SoleMate is continually updated and distributed to subscribers every three months on DVD.

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