foster + freeman host forensic industry/academia meeting

Hosting forensic science meeting


As part of a UK Home Office initiative to promote closer engagement between industry and academia in the field of forensic science, Foster + Freeman are to host a one-day ‘Finger mark visualisation’ meeting organised by the UK Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST).

Speakers from CAST, and several UK Universities, will address attendees on the development of effective solutions to overcome operational difficulties with finger mark visualisation. Subjects on the meeting agenda include the development of new forensic reagents, combined superglue/dyeing processes, and advances in the detection and mapping of illicit drugs and metabolites in finger marks.

Speaking on behalf of Foster + Freeman will be Dr Roberto King, who will be providing an update on the development of fpNatural 1, a novel IR fluorescent fingerprint powder that has been demonstrated to produce excellent finger marks on a wide range of non-porous and semi-porous substrates.