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CSU  Cylindrical Surface Unwrapper
for DCS and Crime-lite Imager

'Un-wrap' 2D images of fingerprints on 3D objects including bullets, pens, tools & syringes etc.

An innovative new accessory for use with the Crime-lite Imager and DCS fingerprint imaging systems, the Cylindrical Surface Un-wrapper (CSU)enables the forensic examiner to extract 2D images of fingerprints from a 3D cylindrical surface.

Designed to capture high-quality images of fingerprints from the cylindrical surfaces of bullet casings, pens, and hand tools etc., the CSU uniformly rotates items of evidence while the attached Crime-lite Imager or DCS workstation captures, stitches and blends a series of images together to create a single 2D image of the fingermark.

Using the CSU, items of evidence that had previously presented a significant challenge to forensic photographers can now be quickly and easily ‘unwrapped’ for examination and enhancement.





Video Demo







CSU Applications
'Un-wrapping' Fingermarks


The foster+freeman CSU is a quick and easy solution to the problem of imaging fingermarks on narrow cylindrical items including bullets, pens, batteries, glass vials, bottles, syringes, hand tools and other similarly shaped objects...

Fingermarks on bullet

Fingermarks on Pen

Cigar Tube Fingerprints


Writing Pen

Cigar Tube

 Fingermarks on cartridge

 Fingerprints on Pen

 Cigar Tube Fingerprints Revealed





Video Demo




Using the CSU
to 'un-wrap' fingermarks


VIDEO: It is common for fingerprints to be found on curved or cylindrical surfaces. These surfaces may pose a significant challenge to the fingerprint photographer. The Cylindrical Surface Un-wrapper (CSU) is a plug-in accessory for DCS and Crime-lite Imager systems that enables the examiner to digitally un-wrap fingerprints.

In this short video demonstration, an item of superglue fumed evidence is loaded onto the CSU with fingerprints being un-wrapped and observed using the DCS 5 fingerprint imaging workstation.

Video runtime: 0:1:34











Video Demo








CSU Features

and specifications

Cylindrical Surface Unwrapper (CSU)

  • Order Code: QCL/CI/CSU

Max Dimensions

  • 85mm x 330mm x 110mm (W x L x H)

Evidence Clamping jaws

  • Internal Clamping: Ø 5mm to Ø 55mm
  • External Clamping: up to Ø 45mm

 Other Features

  • Reversible alignment guide
  • 12V power input
  • USB interface

 CSU specification

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