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Streamlined visualisation and mark-up of fingermarks


Dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of fingerprint visualisation on items of porous/semi-porous evidence using a fully-integrated detection and imaging system with intelligent AI Assist Ridge Detection software.


Using AARI, tasks that previously took many hours of manual processing can now be achieved in minutes.


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Fingerprints treated with DFO, ninhydrin, indandione



AARI fingerprint imaging system


Fully-Integrated Imaging Workstation

with a rapid easy-to-use interface


Designed to meet the demands of busy fingerprint laboratories, AARI includes all of the elements required to illuminate and photograph high-resolution images of fingermarks. 

From placing a document onto the examination bed to exporting a comprehensive report, fingerprint processing using AARI is fast and efficient.

Using pre-set examinations or full-manual operation, the fully integrated illumination and imaging technology within the AARI system can quickly reveal and capture fingermarks treated with amino acid reagents including:


✔ Ninhydrin ✔ 1,2-Indandione ✔ DFO
✔ Cyanoacrylate ✔ Physical Developer ✔ VMD
✔ Silver Nitrate ✔ Iodine ✔ Oil Red O



fingerprint detection and mark up


using AI to detect fingerprints


rapid mark up of fingerprints


Pre-set Examinations

Pre-configured illumination and image capture settings allow for quick-start imaging of commonly used fingermark treatments.


AI Assisted Ridge Detection

ARRI’s advanced software assistant uses an AI-trained algorithm to quickly scan documents and identify areas of ridge detail.


Digital Mark-up and Reporting

Following the manual or AI-assisted mark-up of prints, high-resolution images may be exported to a PDF report complete with a full audit trail.





Uncomplicated, fast and efficient, the AARI Amino Acid Rapid Imager includes multi-spectral illumination sources, and a high-resolution Vis-IR camera equipped with wavelength-specific imaging filters for the semiautomated detection and photography of fingermarks on evidence including sheets of paper and card up to A4/Letter width.


AARI semi-automates a previously time-consuming process by not only combining the process of illuminating and photographing marks but also by using a unique AI Assist software tool to recognise areas of ridge detail and locate the presence of fingermarks.


Tasks that previously took many hours of manual processing can now be achieved in minutes



AI detects ridge detail indicating fingerprints fingerprints are displayed as a heatmap Confirmed fingerprint ridge detail AFIS ready fingermarks
1. AI Assist detects Regions of Interest (ROI) 2. ROI's can be displayed in boxes or as a heat map 3. The user confirms fingermarks 4. Selected marks can be output in a report or as AFIS-ready image files









AI-Assisted Ridge Detection 

Developed using Machine Learning technology, AI Assist is a unique software tool designed to aid the examiner in the fast and effective detection and mark-up of fingerprints.


Never tiring, always performing the AARI AI Assist algorithm has been trained using thousands of fingermark images over more than 400-hours and is capable of quickly identifying areas of fingerprint ridge detail.



a palmprint with areas of fingerprint ridge detail marked up



Data Scientist Adam Smith explains the benefits and limitations of AI Assist within the AARI software.



AI ASSIST Explained


Whilst never a replacement for a human examiner, AI Assist can dramatically speed up the process of detecting prints and is capable of saving many man-hours of labour in the mark-up and report creation.


 AI ASSIST is a unique software tool that assists the examiner in the detection of fingermark ridge detail. The software can significantly speed up the process of fingerprint detection and mark-up.

 AI ASSIST is not intended to replace the role of a skilled fingermark examiner.  All AI ASSIST detected marks should be manually verified. The software cannot identify suspects via their fingerprints.





The complete AARI fingerprint imaging system

High-Res Image Capture

• Image documents up to A4 size
• 61MP UV/colour/IR camera
• High-res imaging up to 1460ppi
• Automatic filter selection

Multi-Spectral Illumination

• Diffuse 5700K white light
• UV 365nm
• Green 520-530nm
• Infrared 860nm

Intelligent Software

• Quick-start examination presets
• AI-Assisted ridge detail detection
• Manual or Auto print mark-up
• Simplified reporting



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