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We offer a range of comprehensive and flexible training programs designed to ensure that users are capable of using our products to their maximum potential. Online training courses provide affordable and convenient training on all products across the full foster+freeman range.


The benefits of foster + freeman training are numerous and include:

• Improved system operation

• Learn to use products effectively and improve efficiency

• Dedicated online training delivered when you need it

• Training tailored to specific job roles or applications to ensure that course content meets your requirements




Popular Courses


Crime-lites for CSI and Laboratory Crime-lites for CSI and Laboratory Crime-lites for CSI and Laboratory Crime-lites for CSI and Laboratory

Crime-lites: for Crime Scene & Laboratory

Get the most out of your Forensic Light Sources by taking our Advanced training course.

Crime-lites: Beyond Visible Examination

Advanced training in the use of full-spectrum imaging from UV to IR.

Fingerprint Capture and Enhancement

High-level training on UV-Vis-IR illumination, photographic capture, and digital enhancement techniques.

RECOVER LFT: Advanced Training 

Comprehensive product-specific training course. 

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  ✓ Fundamentals of Light Theory  

  ✓ Fluorescence Examination  

  ✓ Evidence Detection

  ✓ Testing and Validation 

  ✓ Basic Light Theory

  ✓ Reflected-UV Examination  

  ✓ Infrared Examination  

  ✓ Crime Scene Examination

  ✓ Fingerprint Photography 

  ✓ Illumination Techniques  

  ✓ Chemical Treatments 

  ✓ Latent Prints

  ✓ Understanding RECOVER 

  ✓ Developing Marks 

  ✓ Imaging Marks  

  ✓ Hardware Maintenance



Crime-lites for CSI and Laboratory Crime-lites for CSI and Laboratory Crime-lites for CSI and Laboratory Crime-lites for CSI and Laboratory

ESDA: Detecting Indented Writing

Electrostatic detection for the visualisation of indentations on paper.

VSC: Document Examination Fundamentals

An introductory course providing a basic overview of document examination using a VSC.

VSC: Forensic Handwriting Examination

Utilise 3D imaging and other advanced techniques for the examination of handwriting.

Bespoke: Courses to Meet Your Requirements

Contact us for further details.

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  ✓ Understanding ESDA

  ✓ Visualising Indentations 

  ✓ 3 standard ESDA Techniques 

  ✓ Hardware Maintenance

  ✓ Introduction to QDE 

  ✓ QDE Essential Theory 

  ✓ Using the VSC

  ✓ Advanced Techniques

  ✓ Handwriting Fundamentals  

  ✓ VSC Analysis Techniques  

  ✓ Signature Analysis Techniques  

  ✓ Underlying Principles of QDE

  ✓ Tailored Content 

  ✓ Your Choice of Products  

  ✓ Flexible Timings 

  ✓ For All Skill Levels



Bespoke Courses


Build Your Own Training Courses

Courses to Meet Your Requirements



Our training team are ready to create a training course that meets your organisation's unique requirements.

By combining multiple elements of pre-existing training plans with bespoke content, we can create a one-off course to meet our needs.


Contact our Training Team for further information:




 Online Training



Forensic Professionals

Meet the Experts



Our training courses are delivered by experts with many years of experience in their chosen disciplines.


Having previously travelled extensively to provide high-quality forensic training for police and forensic examiners worldwide, our team have now reconfigured their training content to take advantage of the many benefits offered by online interactive training.


Trainers include:

Dan Freeman, Senior Applications Specialist

Laura Dodd, Fingerprints and Crime Scene Investigation

Yvonne Turner, Crime-lites, Body Fluids and Trace Evidence

Esther Neate, Fingerprint Photography and Enhancement



Dan Freeman Laura Dodd
Yvonne Turner Esther Neate



Training Resources

NEW: Crime-lite Sample Kit


This fully interactive sample kit includes carefully selected evidence samples designed to demonstrate the full forensic search and examination capabilities of the Crime-lite products.

Samples including simulated body fluids, accelerants, drug residues, and commonly used fingermark developers, have been selected to improve your knowledge of advanced search and imaging techniques, utilising high-intensity narrowband illumination.

All samples have been individually validated and include a link to view/download unique validation data and images.

An integral video presentation screen provides a short instructional video that demonstrates techniques that will enable you to get the most out of your Crime-lite kit.


Sample Kit Features:

  • Up to 20 evidence samples
  • Integral video presentation (7" HD screen)